Your Return On Investment Rocket Fuel with ViaDirect

Elevate your ROI with ViaDirect's innovative interactive kiosks.

Unleash the power of your investment with ViaDirect’s interactive kiosks. In a retail world where ROI is king, our solution is your knight in shining armor, catapulting your financial returns to thrilling heights. ViaDirect goes beyond just enhancing customer satisfaction – it is a profit-boosting powerhouse that transforms visitor journeys into revenue-generating experiences. Dare to redefine growth and maturity. 

Here’s how it works: ViaDirect’s kiosks serve as an intuitive navigation guide, seamlessly directing visitors to stores, restaurants, and points of interest. This not only elevates the customer experience but also drives foot traffic to all corners of your public area. The result? Increased exposure, sales, and repeated visits.

Advertising and Promotion with ViaDirect

But that’s not all! Our kiosks also double as high-visibility advertising platforms. Capitalize on this prime real estate to showcase promotions, generating an additional revenue stream while creating valuable exposure for your stores.


Customer Behavior Insights and Back-End System

Beyond these tangible benefits, ViaDirect’s kiosks also offer a wealth of customer behavior insights. Our powerful Statistics & Back-End system delivers data on the most visited stores, popular routes, and peak traffic times. Use these insights to inform strategic decisions, optimize mall layout, and craft irresistible promotional activities. 


Efficient and Robust System

The cherry on top? Our kiosks not only merge with your existing systems, creating an efficient, cohesive service offering, but they can also be remotely managed. This remote management capability reduces operational costs significantly. Moreover, these kiosks are designed to be robust and durable, built to withstand high usage rates. This structural resilience minimizes downtime and decreases the frequency and costs associated with repairs and replacements, further contributing to the cost-effectiveness of our solution.

In a nutshell…

ViaDirect’s interactive kiosks not only improve the visitor experience, but also lead to increased sales, optimized operations, and strategic decision-making, amplifying your ROI. So why wait? Give your business the ViaDirect advantage today and watch your ROI soar.


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