Health establishments are complex environments that are difficult to navigate. Patients and visitors alike can have an unpleasant experience (waiting times for consultations, cluttered reception areas, heavy atmosphere).

Digital wayfinding kiosks provide an answer to this problem by offering a modern, easy-to-use and autonomous service, suitable for all, in healthcare establishments.

How can interactive kiosks add value to your health establishments?

The kiosks enable the technical managers responsible for signage to concentrate on value-added tasks. This is also the case for nurses and doctors, who no longer have to deal with tasks that are not theirs. 

ViaDirect products can synchronise with other platforms and content management systems, enabling various integrations such as : the display of real-time data, weather information, public announcements or safety measures, nearby public transport timetables, and much more.

Furthermore, to enable people to keep better track of their routes, ViaDirect offers a mobile solution, using a QRCode to be scanned. It can be located directly on the kiosk, or can be placed in paper format at various strategic points in your health establishments.

Finally, digital kiosks enable healthcare establishments to benefit from an innovative and better image for patients, whether it’s a public institution or a private clinic.

Can people with reduced mobility use the wayfinding kiosks in health establishments?

Wayfinding kiosk Gazelle Fit of Viadirect

Kiosks guide and inform users along simple and intuitive routes, taking into account possible access conditions (elevators, shortest route, etc.).

Function buttons (UI/UX) can be simplified, and characters enlarged or reduced for the visually impaired. Customizable modules can be created according to user characteristics.

A hearing system can fit the buttons and read them. The adapted design of orientation kiosks  makes them accessible to users with reduced mobility, as does the rapid adaptability achieved by lowering the menu on vertical bollards.

Are the kiosks suitable for all age groups in hospitals?

The digital solution is suitable for everyone, whatever their age or familiarity with digital technology. The kiosks’ user interface is very easy to use. The software can suit the user’s profile as it is programmable. For older people, for example, one can choose simplified interfaces with larger and abbreviated keyboards, more legible fonts, and a zoom function.

Our hospital is undergoing a number of internal changes, so how can we deal with them?

Application Programming Interface in wayfinding kiosk of CHU Brest


With a dynamic information solution, you save paper and money on printing,  also time by making changes. This can be a new department or a new doctor.


You can also make your data available to us via an API Integrator that we connect to the digital kiosks in order to synchronise the content with your other tools and information sources.

This will enable the kiosks to display information in real time.

What features does the software offer to health establishments ?

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