Statistics & Back-End Solution

Statistics & Back-end


Use our solution to have statistics that will give you access to detailed audience reports via a dedicated platform. Need to know:

  • How many people have used the interactive kiosks?
  • Which kiosks are the most used?
  • Which destinations are the most popular?
  • At what time is there the most traffic?
  • Which promotional offer was viewed the most?

The processing of statistical data makes it possible to analyze user behavior and refine the digital experience of facilities in a geolocated and time-stamped manner.

ViaDirect Manager

The content of your kiosk is always manageable and secure thanks to ViaDirect Manager. This allows us to:

  • manage news, promotions and other marketing tools
  • edit the map, change locations
  • collect advanced statistics, analyses and reports
  • establish API connectors for immediate data synchronisation

Our dedicated support team specialising in maintenance and monitoring also accompanies you in the administration of your content.

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