IT Maintenance & Monitoring

ViaDirect’s IT teams supervise over 1000 interactive kiosks in real time across 35 countries. From the 4 corners of the world, monitoring is done y by our experts located in different time zones to cover the 24 hours of a day. Our support teams master more than 5 languages and work on a daily basis with a worldwide network of partners for rapid and controlled interventions whenever necessary (replacement of equipment, preventive control).

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Number of wayfinding kiosks monitored

Our support covers our wayfinding solution but also other developments such as websites, games for children, or integration with digital signage solutions (Telelogos, Broadsign, Cenareo) for shopping centers and more sensitive places such as hospitals, military centers, emblematic places of the industry, banks and insurance companies, that pledge our engagement in terms of safety and security.

Advanced Supervision
Advance Supervision
  • Automatic alerts in the event of an incident
  • Regular preventive check-ups
  • H+2 intervention time guaranteed
Assistance /Maintenance
Assistance & Maintenance
  • Technical and call assistance
  • On-site intervention with local teams
Supervision & Outsourcing

From afar, our technicians maintain and monitor the operating parameters of your devices: 95% of anomalies are resolved..

  • On/Off switch
  • Display source, calibration
  • Securing parameters
  • Application monitoring and relaunch
  • Bug fixes
  • Checking and modifying network parameters

We provide 24/7 hosting of your data and information (software, content, map and back office).

On-site interventions and after-sales service
On-site interventions & after-sales service

Our teams intervene at all times on site to correct any equipment or furniture dysfunctions that cannot be resolved remotely. ViaDirect will establish the diagnosis, deal with the manufacturer to use the warranty cover and obtain the hardware to replace, perform the maintenance required for the change, recalibrate and configure the hardware.

  • Recalibrating a touch screen, correcting an HDMI cable fault, repositioning an LED …
  • Replacement of equipment under warranty.
Software Support Updates
Software Support & Updates

In addition to application and content monitoring (databases and information flow), ViaDirect manages the software updates necessary for its proper functioning. Content and mapping updates can also be carried out by our teams.