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It’s important to optimize the space available within a structure, whether it’s a shopping center, an airport or a hospital. This is essential for the well-being of visitors and staff members alike, to use wayfinding solutions.

Today, new technologies offer a number of innovative solutions for maximising the management of traffic space, in particular by installing wayfinding kiosks and opting for the mobile map. These modern tools enable visitors to be guided intuitively through the spaces, with relevant information in real time.

The key to maximising the use of space is to ensure that people can move around smoothly and efficiently. The installation of interactive wayfinding kiosks allows visitors to find their way around easily, to find their way or the services they are looking for, and improve their visit. These technological solutions offer customers a personalised experience while helping to smooth traffic flow and reduce confusion in the space.

Viadirect offers wayfinding solutions to optimize your space!

Why maximize the space with wayfinding solutions in your establishment?

By maximising the use of your available space, you can increase your reception capacity. This can boost your income by renting out commercial space, setting up attractive advertising areas and welcoming more visitors. 

In addition, a smooth flow of traffic allows visitors to move around your establishment easily and comfortably. Waiting times are reduced, and services and shops are easy to access. What’s more, this contributes to a positive overall experience, which in turn encourages customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A fluid flow of traffic gives your business a positive image, enhancing its reputation and attracting new visitors, while building loyalty among existing customers!


A positive visitor experience thanks to wayfinding solutions:

Taking the visitor experience into account in your structure is a step that should not be ignored. This is an essential phase in offering your customers a unique and unforgettable experience, in order to arouse their interest. By implementing innovative orientation solutions, you can improve the usefulness and functionality of your spaces. It will also enhance the user-friendliness of your structures.


Make the most of your space with our wayfinding kiosks:

Wayfinding kiosks play an essential role in enhancing the experience of your establishment. This solution makes it easy for your customers to find their way around, discover current offers and plan their visit efficiently. By integrating our interactive kiosks into your structure, your visitors will be able to enjoy a personalized and practical experience. As well as making it easier to find your way around and discover your structure, using our interactive kiosks helps to make your space more fluid

Wayfinding kiosks and map mobile - Shopping center Printemps

and interesting. With this wayfinding solution, you can maximize the attractiveness of your structure and strengthen customer loyalty, while facilitating their overall experience.


Maximise the use of your space with Map Mobile:

As well as orientation kiosks, the mobile map is a useful tool for maximising your space. Thanks to a mobile map accessible throughout your structure, you can optimise visitor flow while guiding them quickly and efficiently. This will improve the customer experience and increase visitor satisfaction. What’s more, visitors will be able to see that your structure is a place that embraces innovation and new technologies. The mobile map is a major asset for enhancing the value of your establishment, building customer loyalty and optimising the use of space in an innovative and effective way.

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