At ViaDirect, we know that technical support is essential to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the smooth operation of our digital solutions within their structures. That’s why our IT team is available and ready to intervene in the various countries where we are present. Our support ensures their needs are always met, regardless of your time zone or location.

Then, for situations requiring direct intervention, our local teams can go on site to offer you a personalised and efficient service. With remote assistance and on-site interventions, we ensure optimal service continuity and full support, wherever you are.

Supervision and facilities management available : Maximum security and optimisation:

Supervision and outsourcingRemotely, our technicians monitor and provide on going maintenance for the digital wayfinding tools we offer (wayfinding kiosks, mobile map, Iframe).  In fact, our expertise and tools resolve around 95% of faults remotely. We handle power management, display source calibration, and continuous security and monitoring of essential parameters. What’s more, we quickly correct bugs and check network parameters to guarantee optimum performance for your devices.

On-site assistance and after-sales service:Maintenance and monitoring

Our teams are available at all times to intervene on site to resolve equipment or furniture malfunctions that can not be resolved remotely. ViaDirect takes care of all the necessary steps. So,we handle diagnostics, manufacturer coordination, component receipt, changeover, equipment setup, touchscreen recalibration, HDMI fixes, and LED repositioning.We replace equipment under warranty.

Software support and updates :

Software - support and update


We adopt a proactive and reactive approach to ensure the security and optimum performance of your devices. This includes security updates, version upgrades and all necessary updates.  Then, when automated updates via an API are not possible, our teams update the content and mapping directly to ensure your kiosks display the latest information. If updates cannot be automated via API, our teams ensure your kiosks display current information. Proactive software updates ensure reliability, security, and an optimal user experience.



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