International leader in its industry, ViaDirect has been guiding users in public places since 2009. Our great strength is the 360° mastery of all aspects that make up wayfinding. We are the partner that supports you in the design, production and operation of your interactive devices. Thanks to our solution, your place is enhanced by offering to your guests innovative services: get to know your visitors, communicate with them and create engagement.

Interactive Kiosk

From the kiosk’s design to its components, we have set to the highest our standards to answer all our customers’ requirements. Our expertise has led us to produce thousands of kiosks of different shapes, styles, materials, for indoor and outdoor locations, etc.

Maintenance & Monitoring

ViaDirect’s IT teams supervise over 1000 interactive kiosks in real time across 35 countries. From the 4 corners of the world, monitoring is done y by our experts located in different time zones to cover the 24 hours of a day.


Remotely manageable guidance software solution, stand-alone or connected to your ecosystem for real-time synchronization, adapts to the needs of your visitors and responds to the issues of your location, whatever it may be.

Software Hub
Statistics & Back-End Solution

Statistics & Back-End


Know about: How many people have used the interactive kiosks? Which kiosks are the most used? Which destinations are the most popular? At what time is there the most traffic? Which promotional offer was viewed the most

Consulting Services

Experts in wayfinding solutions, ViaDirect accompanies you in creating the best visitor experience for your customers. Our consulting services are based on years of knowledge and research and combined experience. 

Consulting services
Mobile Wayfinding

Web & Mobile Wayfinding

Our Mobile Wayfinding solution allows your guests to access indoor navigation from their smartphones. We further help your visitors find their way through a responsive and interactive map.