Bouton mettre à jour sur le clavier de l’ordinateur - PhotoUpdating digital wayfinding systems is essential in today’s world. These devices act as interactive information points, helping to guide users through complex spaces such as shopping centers, airports, hospitals and theme parks. By keeping them up to date, you ensure a smooth and efficient visitor experience, while providing accurate and up-to-date information. This includes plans of the structures, as well as the services on offer.  What’s more, these kiosks can display promotions, destinations, flight times, advertisements and even cinema screenings.

ViaDirect wayfinding kiosk

Update process: Steps and best practices

To update the guidance systems, you need to use the Back Office. 

It enables you to carry out the following updates

– Modification of destination content (shops, services): title, description, themes, logos, photos, etc.

– Modification of visuals for event campaigns, such as Flash info: Kiosk Highlight

Thanks to the Back Office, you can modify a destination, replace it with another, or remove it following a closure, for example. Deleting a destination is useful if a shop closes for a few weeks due to renovations, or to publish it with updated information.


Maintenance and support: Ensuring continuity and guaranteeing performance

Viadirect maintenance and monitoring


Our teams of experts ensure that your wayfinding kiosks work properly, all over the world. We ensure reliable performance through continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance. In addition, we keep you up to date with recurring software updates.


Inclusion and accessibility: Thinking of all kiosks users

Inclusion and accessibility are fundamental principles in ensuring that waypoint updates are practical for all users. We make sure that the kiosks are designed to be intuitive and usable by everyone. By adopting an inclusive approach, we encourage the autonomy of all visitors to your establishment.

ViaDirect Wayfinding kiosk

Benefits of updating wayfinding kiosks:

Upgrading kiosks offers a number of advantages in terms of reliability and functionality. They ensure that the information provided to visitors is up to date and accurate, which is essential for a good navigation within your structures. Then, regular updates can incorporate new features.


Some examples of updates: 

– Itinerary: to be modified as work progresses

– Promotions: building customer loyalty

– Services: presenting and offering new services


To find out more about updates, visit our website!

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