Software Hub


 ViaDirect software hub revolves around a large number of related features that will help your visitors in their on-site experience: remotely manageable guidance software solution, stand-alone or connected to your ecosystem for real-time synchronization, adapted to the needs of your visitors and responds to the issues of your location.

Your wayfinding must-haves:

Booking with a form, VOIP or QR code scan:

Real-Time Information:


Connected Research, find your car, find a free meeting room, choose your restaurant according to the waiting time.

E-reception, real-time information through video call to visited employee or to the staff, access badge printing. 

Real-time Transport

Loyalty Program

Real-time social network and fun with selfies from the photobooth and the guestbook.

Security & Evacuation, location of the nearest defibrillator and location in real-time of the employees responsible for the safety in the building. Evacuation alert on the kiosks and incident reporting form. Special Covid-19 or prevention section


Time Calculation

Time Calculation