28 September 2016


The Cruas-Meysse nuclear plant

Since 2014, corporate offices have been seeking multi-touch information solutions in order to digitize their offices and increase services to their collaborators.


Besides the upgrading of the site and the employer brand, touch screens can create an experiential link between sites and visitors. More than a dozen companies have put their trust in ViaDirect: Covéa, Crédit Agricole, Samsung, SNCF, Société Générale


EDF, the largest producer and supplier of electricity in France and in the world, chooses to install an interactive touch kiosk in the Cruas-Meysse nuclear plant to guide, inform and reassure its employees.


In order to adapt itself perfectly to the needs of its customers, ViaDirect teams have worked with a particular emphasis on the ergonomics of the application. Thus, the kiosk displays clear messages, specifies the ongoing works as well as the instructions to follow to limit the risks on the site.


EDF chooses a « Wally » double screen kiosk, from our exclusive catalog. The 32 ” screen is a horizontal touch screen that guides and informs; the 55 ” vertical screen is dedicated to employees’ awareness thanks to the broadcasting of preventive messages.



In addition to the capacity to represent 3D itineraries, the ViaDirect solution provides content and interactions for the employees. The kiosk is interconnected with information systems to propose real-time data on work, technical problems, accidents, weather difficulties, prevention messages…



  • A real-time 3D guidance through the buildings and services via a search by employees and by building
  • Sending the itinerary to a Smartphone via a QR code to guide the user to his/her destination



  • Alerts for the buildings under construction preceded by a mandatory prevention message
  • Departure and shuttle calling points
  • Instructive content on security (videos, documents, …)


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