In Russia, ViaDirect introduces its first 4K installation for Tsum Moscow and DLT Petersburg

For this huge project almost worthy of ex-Great Russia, ViaDirect and its local partner Complex have deployed 21 kiosks in the historic TSUM Department Store located in the heart of Moscow and 14 kiosks in the DLT Department Store located in the historic heart of St Petersburg.

More than a century old, those luxury department stores have nothing to envy in prestige or history compared to famous department stores in Paris or London.

A few steps from Bolshoi Theater, 2 Petrovka street, TSUM Moscow first opened in 1908, is arguably the biggest department store in Russia with 70,000 square meters of retail surface and welcomes all international fashion and luxury brands.

Officially TSUM Moscow flagship store, the DLT St Petersburg located in an Art Nouveau building Bolshaya Konyushennaya street, in the center of the Russian « Northern capital », opened in 1908.

To cover such monumental retail surface, ViaDirect and Complex Group company have deployed an important set of interactive vertical kiosks along with its software suite of 3D wayfinding maps, brand search (Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Dior…), brand corners (shoes, bags, fashion accessories…), and all the services available in the establishment.


ViaDirect software suite includes… 

  • A 3D interactive multi-floor map with individual itineraries toward all shops and service
  • Search by department
  • Alphabetical search for brands and top brands
  • Search for coffee shops, restaurants, and services
  • Real-time display of events and sales animations
  • Detailed information about tax-free shopping
  • Parking access itinerary
  • Dedicated itineraries for people with reduced mobility that avoids stairs and steps
  • Available in Russian, English and Chinese languages

21 Lémuriens kiosks have then been deployed over the 5 floors of TSUM Moscow which guide towards more than 800 brands through 2500 sales locations, and 14 Lémuriens kiosks over the 5 floors of DLT St Petersburg which guide towards more than 600 brands spread over 1700 sales locations.

Discreetly displayed on the visitor’s path, the kiosks are easily spottable thanks to their bright orange color that fits the TSUM and DLT department stores’ own colors. And to be absolutely on par with those prestigious venues, all the kiosks’ dynamic screens are in 4K resolution for amazing visibility. A first for ViaDirect software and hardware solutions.


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