Parque Arboleda

ViaDirect implements digital wayfinding kiosks as well as its mobile solution within the Parque Arboleda center in Colombia. 

The shopping center, opened in November 2010, belongs to the Chilean property company, Parque Arauco. It covers 41,000 square metres and has one of the best retail offers in the city of Pereira and the region. Mall Parque Arboleda is a major shopping center with a wide range of brands such as Zara, Exito and Falabella, Nike, as well as restaurants with dedicated areas. 

In addition, the center offers its visitors entertainment areas, with 6 Cinemark cinemas, a sports hall, as well as offices for financial institutions and major local and international brands. 

In order to allow its visitors to easily and quickly access their destinations, the mall has worked with ViaDirect to install digital wayfinding directories.

Indeed, the Mall Parque Arboleda has been equipped with interactive kiosks with multiple screens. While one screen offers a 3D wayfinding map and adapted itineraries, the other screens display advertising campaigns, chosen by the shopping center.

In all, 5 Pelikan wayfinding kiosks were placed at strategic points, established beforehand through analysis. The furniture was developed by ViaDirect specifically for the projects which combine the interactive experience with a 43′ tilting interactive screen, a 43′ screen for corporate site communications and a 75′ screen for directions.

In terms of wayfinding solutions, ViaDirect has developed an wayfinding map in horizontal format to be displayed on the kiosk screen, but has also completed its solution with a mobile view of the map. ViaDirect’s latest innovation is that it is possible to access the requested itinerary simply by scanning a QR code on the kiosk, with your smartphone. This means that, without having to download anything, you can follow your journey on your phone, regardless of your position in the mall. 

The software provided by ViaDirect includes…
  • A dynamic, multi-level 3D map  
  • Search for shops by name 
  • Search for shops by category 
  • Real time information such as date, time and weather 
  • Real time promotion and events
  • Location of key service points 
  • User interface in Spanish and English 
  • Itinerary proposal adapted for PRM
  • QRcode and responsive map for smartphone


You can also test our mobile solution by scanning the QRcode or make an appointment with our team for more information: Contact


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