One of the 10 most visited places in France, The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, located in the Parc de la Villette, receives the new shopping center Vill’Up dedicated to retailtainment: stores, restaurants, and unprecedented leisure activities including technological entertainment.


After equipping Les Rives de l’Orne in Caen, the property management Apsys renews its trust in ViaDirect and digitalizes its new fun-oriented shopping mall.


In order to respect its digital strategy, Vill’Up chooses 3 multi-touch directories, 2 games screens, 1 interactive coffee table, and 1 website.

Installed devices:


Vill’Up chooses one 40’’ Gazelle and two double screens Trombelles personalized with the colors of the center. Kiosks are exclusively designed by ViaDirect and equipped with a luminous totem. Produced by ViaDirect, these 3 digital wayfinders comply with the highest standards of quality and include the latest hardware technologies for multi-touch screens, electronic equipment, and players. The kiosks are also equipped with a rack displaying the shopping guides for the customers.


The Parisian mall has at its disposal one multi-touch HUMElab table installed by ViaDirect for one of its lounge areas to offer various games to children.

Our applications:

Directories are equipped with the ViaDirect wayfinding and information solution, customized for Vill’up. The software allows users to search all stores and services of the mall and displays the corresponding itinerary. Visitors can also discover leisure activities, events and news. The application is designed for everyone since it is available in French and English and proposes adapted itineraries for disabled people.

One of two multi-touch screens of ‘Trombelles’ and the interactive coffee table provide a selection of multiplayer games and an access to the Vill’Up website.

ViaDirect has developed the new Vill’Up website with a 2D map of the mall available on the website and mobile application thanks to its digital experience acquired over the years:

In the context of a multi-channel digital strategy, the kiosks and the website operate in Web Services with a back office for a perfect synchronization and automatic updates of content on different platforms. 


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