Hammerson - Web View Map

New wayfinding solution at Hammerson: ViaDirect's Interactive Map Now on 4 shopping Mall Websites!

Discover our latest exciting collaboration with the prestigious property company Hammerson! We had the privilege of deploying our Iframe interactive map solution for the websites of four of their renowned shopping malls in France: 3 Fontaines, O’Parinor, Italie Deux and Terrasses du Port. This collaboration is the fruit of a long and fruitful relationship between ViaDirect and Hammerson, which has already proved its worth with almost 35 digital wayfinding kiosks installed in these dynamic locations.

ViaDirect and Hammerson: a winning synergy

For many years, ViaDirect has been working with Hammerson to improve the shopping experience for visitors to its shopping centers. The ViaDirect digital wayfinding kiosks, recognisable by their elegant and intuitive design, have become invaluable allies in guiding visitors to the shops, restaurants, services and entertainment available in these modern spaces.

An enhanced experience for visitors and shopping centers

For this innovative project, ViaDirect integrated its interactive maps directly into the websites of the selected shopping centers. Thanks to Iframe technology, visitors can now access detailed information on shopping mall floor plans and shop positioning, all from the comfort of their own homes or while on the move. The solution is accessible via smartphone, computer or even touchscreen tablet!

This innovative integration of ViaDirect’s interactive maps offers a host of benefits:

  • An innovative interactive 3D map 
  • Intuitive itineraries at your fingertips 
  • Highlight your shopping offer 
  • The ability to plan future visits
  • An additional element to develop interaction on the Hammerson website 


In addition to the existing wayfinding kiosks, this Web View solution reinforces Hammerson’s status as a dynamic shopping center that places the customer experience at the heart of its projects.

Our digital map can be used by your visitors in just a few clicks. Make an appointment and discover all our solutions.


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Hammerson – Web View Map

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