Wayfinding kiosks the solution to environmental waste

Digital wayfinding kiosks can be greener than they appear to be …

Digital wayfinding kiosks provide information and wayfinding for users in complex locations, to enhance the customer experience. 

However, these use electricity to operate and can therefore seem counter-ecological and polluting. Before you begin this innovative project, one question stands in the way: Wouldn’t these digital kiosks push my business in the opposite direction of the ecology?

Well, to answer, no. This is a major misconception.

In order to orientate people, the main system used is the printing of maps, in paper format, either on flyers, which can be carried everywhere, or on billboards. In addition to not being interactive, this system has many ecological disadvantages. 

On the one hand, it causes a lot of paper waste, during numerous printings, for their setting up, during each modification to be made to the plan, but also during a printing error. These problems are not a drama on digital kiosks, because each modification can be carried out quickly without having consequences for the environment. 

On the other hand, orientation maps when printed individually, such as in the form of flyers or hand maps, can pollute, as they often end up on the ground after use.

Comparing digital wayfinding kiosks to a printed wayfinding solution, the kiosk would be more environmentally responsible because it would limit paper waste.

Moreover, even if the terminals are not fully recyclable, they are much more cost effective than paper prints. They are simply more durable over time. While a kiosk can last for years, a paper map will have to be changed regularly and even if it can be recycled, the recycling process will ultimately have a more harmful impact on the environment because it is more recurrent. The cost-benefit calculation against a more ecological solution is quickly done.

Reduce your environmental impact and improve the experience of your customers by orienting them easily thanks to the ViaDirect tactile wayfinding kiosks. By making an appointment with the following link : 


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