The BEIJING M∙Cube mall in China is using ViaDirect 3D wayfinding solutions

In the heart of Beijing, the M∙Cube shopping mall is using ViaDirect 3D wayfinding solutions.

In collaboration with its local partners in China, ViaDirect has installed its software suite of 3D orientation and information in a set including one horizontal kiosk and three vertical totems dedicated to the Beijing M∙Cube.

For the first time, the user interface developed by ViaDirect adapts itself automatically to the kiosk position either horizontally or vertically.

The 4 kiosks guide and inform Beijing M∙Cube visitors in real-time through its 39 000 m2 and 9 levels of shops and restaurants.

Managed by real estate KWG Property and designed by contemporary Deutsch architecture company MVRDV, the spectacular M∙Cube of Beijing has opened in 2018 in the traditional business quarter at Chongwenmen, close to the metro Chongwenmen station at the crossroad of line 2 and 5.

Founded in 1995, listed at the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2007, KWG Property Holding Limited has been celebrated amongst the 50 best estate developers in China. After the Ufun shopping centers of Shanghai and Chengdu, the Beijing M∙Cube is the third collaboration between ViaDirect and KWG property.

M∙Cube Beijing outside pictures are © MVRDV / Seth Powers, with their kind authorisation.

About ViaDirect:

ViaDirect interactive 3D wayfinding software solutions advise and guide in an intuitive and modern way people visiting public and professional venues since 2009: Shopping malls, department stores, museums, hospitals, train stations and airports, amusement parks, universities, offices and headquarters, industrial and business centers…  

Leader in Europe, Russia, and Central America, ViaDirect has implemented its 3D wayfinding interactive kiosks and software in more than 400 areas in 35 countries in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Russia…

ViaDirect has 8 international offices.
Headquarter is located in Paris, France.

The ViaDirect software suite of M∙Cube in Beijing includes…

  • A 3D interactive map of the 9 levels mall
  • Personalized search for itineraries with the precise distance counter 
  • Alphabetical listing of shops, cafés, and restaurants
  • Search for shops and restaurants by name, category, and by floor
  • Search by handwriting directly on the touch screen (Chinese language)
  • Listing of services and public transportation
  • Dynamic display of promotions and events
  • The user interface in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and English


  • The client is managing directly the content of the dynamic display thru a dedicated back office


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