Andares: Disponible la solución móvil ViaDirect

Andares: Disponible la solución móvil ViaDirect

Our recent collaboration

The Andares Center recently collaborated with us to give a better experience to their visitors navigating in their center with our Mobile Map wayfinding solution

The solution is now available in the Andares center with some Qr codes all around their center which visitors can scan to have access to the map of the center specially designed by ViaDirect according to the client’s needs.

Our visual library and the simple instructions for use of our Mobile Map solution :

Mobile wayfinding for your visitors

To give your visitors a positive experience throughout your shopping centers, ViaDirect offers an easy-to-use solution that revolutionizes your structure: ViaDirect’s Mobile Map. 

Futhermore, ViaDirect’s mobile wayfinding solution transforms the shopping center experience, simplifying navigation e enhancing convenience. Indeed, its approach includes QR code access for immediate wayfinding map availability. This makes it attractive for one-time visitors and tourists.

Finally, ViaDirect Mobile is committed to improving the visitor experience in your establishments, but that’s not all. IIn fact, it cuts printing costs and reduces floor plan obsolescence with up-to-date information. It also decreases the time reception staff spend directing visitors.

How to use?

Find the QR codes in the mall to access the mobile solution. Indeed, with a library of different media including floor stickers, the QR Code alone, a wall poster, visuals for digital signage and animated films. Therfore, you will be available to use ViaDirect Mobile.

It is a simple and effective solution for your visitors. All they have to do is:

    1. Escaneo: the QR Code 
    2. Choose their route
    3. Follow the itinerary


Andares and its new Mobile wayfinding solution : 

About the location

Andares is a shopping destination located in Zapopan, Mexico, in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. This multi-purpose shopping complex combines outdoor and indoor shopping experiences and is strategically positioned in the center of the city. It opened to the public on November 19, 2008,  Development of this vast project was led by DMI (Desarrolladora Mexicana de Inmuebles). So, Andares is one of the largest mixed-use projects in Latin America. It includes several commercial zones, four office buildings, two residential towers and a hotel. In addition, Guadalajara space offers more of 230 stores and 24 diverse restaurants to enjoy.


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Andares: Disponible la solución móvil ViaDirect

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