Accessibility is a major issue, ensuring that all individuals, whatever their needs, have fair Shopping centers aislesaccessto spaces and services. People with reduced mobility need a suitable environment to enable themto move safely. This is where our digital guidance solutions become indispensable.


Why is accessibility for people with reduced mobility essential?

Accessibility is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it promotes social inclusion. By enabling PRMs to move around freely and giving them access to services and public places, we are creating an equitable society. 

Secondly, accessibility improves the comfort and independence of PRMs in their daily. Facilities such as access ramps, which make it easier to reach different levels, lifts, which make upper floors accessible, and adapted pavements all contribute to improving accessibility. This means a better quality of life for everyone.

The importance of our wayfinding solutions for ensuring PRM accessibility:

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility in shopping centers is essential to ensure that all visitors can fully enjoy the shopping experience. The wayfinding kiosks and the mobile map play a major role in responding to visitors’ requests.

Kiosk "Gazelle Fit" for PRM in shopping mallInteractive kiosks are strategically placed in shopping centers, providing essential information for PRMs. Our software indicates the location of shops, toilets and lifts. Visitors can search for personalized itineraries based on their specific needs. For example, a wheelchair user can find the shortest, most convenient path to their favorite shop.

What’s more, 84% of people with disabilities use a smartphone. The mobile map would therefore be an essential asset for your organization. As well as providing information on services, adapted itineraries and promotions available in a shopping center, the mobile map can also provide real-time information on the center’s accessibility. Thanks to this digital wayfinding solution, people with reduced mobility will be able to plan their journeys as soon as they arrive in the shopping center, and quickly access the information they need.

The mobile map is a powerful tool for promoting the inclusion and autonomy of disabled people.

As well as improving visitor loyalty, our digital wayfinding solutions make your establishment accessible to everyone, quickly and efficiently. Users can easily find the information they need, whether to get around or to obtain information. Visitors will leave your site with a positive and unforgettable experience.



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