For a number of years, consumer technologies have been on the increase. Establishments are deploying wayfinding solutions to modernise their space. In fact, digital transformation is enormously changing the way in which establishments interact with their visitors. New technologies, such as digital solutions like the mobile map and interactive kiosks, allow us to innovate and offer unique and personalised guidance experiences.

In 2023, the digital transformation market will be worth 1.15 billion dollars.

Why is it important to improve the customer experience in your establishment?

Wayfinding kiosk in Gallerian shopping center

Today’s customers and visitors are increasingly demanding about where they go.  They want to see innovation, and they want to visit at their leisure without wasting time. Digital transformation offers new possibilities for meeting visitors’ needs and expectations.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, it is now possible to create unique customer experiences. The mobile map and orientation kiosks, installed in various strategic locations within your establishments, will enable you to improve visitor satisfaction and strengthen the reputation of your structure.

This digitisation allows employees of establishments that receive visitors to concentrate on other tasks. This will mean they can devote more time to their more strategic missions. By going digital, establishments are responding more and more to the expectations of their visitors. You can personalise the customer experience, streamline interactions, provide information in real time and offer more services to improve visitor satisfaction. 

The future of the guidance solutions market:

More and more establishments are realising the importance of innovation and the need for new technologies in their space. Futhermore, innovation is an essential factor in your structure’s ability to satisfy and retain your visitors and customers.

Here are a few trends in our guidance solutions sector:

A unique experience with ViaDirect guidance solutions:

Bologne's airport

Our interactive kiosks enable visitors to find their way quickly and easily. Your visitors no longer need to ask reception staff for information; all they have to do is head for the wayfinding kiosks installed in your facilities. In just a few clicks, they’ll find the easiest route to take, as well as all the promotions and services available.

Then, our mobile map is a useful digital solution for optimising your visitor path. All you have to do is scan a QRCode available in your establishments, and your visitors can be directed to their desired destination.



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