Digital outdoor kiosks characteristics

How can outdoor kiosk be sustainable? 2 key characteristics of outdoor kiosks

ViaDirect offers several wayfinding solutions to meet the different needs of its customers and especially the environment that requires the installation of our product. One of our solutions is the outdoor kiosk, which orients visitors, passengers and employees outside buildings

It works like a basic wayfinding kiosk, it has the necessary functionality to guide and inform people. Its main difference is its location. Indeed, it is placed outside a building, in order to guide users as soon as they arrive in your complex. It is mainly used by complexes with several buildings, as well as complexes that are spread out in the open air, such as connected districts or open-air malls. 

In order to orientate people and provide them with all the information they have come for, the outdoor wayfinding kiosks has its own characteristics:

1/ Design and durable furniture 

Con el fin de durability, outdoor kiosk are built with solid materials adapted to the situation and the environment. A kiosk is an investment, but to be profitable, it must be able to last in the long term. ViaDirect wants you to be able to benefit from designer furniture with different ergonomic, modular and above all robust models. 

Available in different sizes, colors, screen sizes and formats, the outdoor kiosks are designed to adapt and be functional for many years but also to avoid any denigration when placed in public places. Indeed, the structure of an outdoor wayfinding kiosk is made of robust elements, by reliable materials and resistant to certain manipulations or acts of vandalism. They also have a finish that allows them to maintain their aesthetic appeal despite their exposure to the weather.

2/ Resistance to climatic conditions 

Outdoor kiosk must be designed in a resistant way, in order to adapt to their environment, including the different possible weather conditions. Therefore, despite the weather, the kiosk will function and be ready to meet your customers’ needs, without the need for additional adjustments. The structure of the kiosk allows it to be readable in the sun with an automatic adaptation of the screen brightness but also to face the heat of the place with a regulation of its heat through the planning of the power of fans, allowing it to be functional from -30°C to +40°C. The structure of the kiosk can also counteract bad weather such as snow, wind or even rain thanks to the respect of standards, using evacuation systems or protection by its design. They are therefore usable in any location and at any time of the year, even when your location is not suitable for visiting, once the climate improves, your kiosk will be ready to perform its functions.

ViaDirect equips more than 35 countries with its digital wayfinding solution.
We have already done spaces like the Insep or Avenue 83… and if our next customer was you? 

If you would like to benefit from a design, durable and therefore cost-effective kiosk, make an appointment with our team: Contactar.


Printemps DOHA

International luxury department stores' Printemps is deploying ViaDirect wayfinding software in its New Shopping Center in Qatar
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Forum Tlaquepaque

This year, it has chosen to equip its space with 3 ViaDirect digital wayfinding kiosks in order to guide and inform its visitors
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Wisma Atria

A new project in Singapore! With the participation of Ascenstar, ViaDirect has provided the Wisma Atria Mall with its wayfinding software
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The shopping mall Domus in France, has renewed a contract after 8 years with ViaDirect to modify the design of its six wayfinding kiosks to
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Avant Cap

The shopping center has invested in wayfinding kiosks in order to improve traffic flow and increase the visibility of its commercial offer
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Its 15 million visitors per year benefit from an interactive wayfinding solution via kiosks but also from a smartphone-based wayfinding
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Mundo E

ViaDirect provides the latest version of its wayfinding software to equip the 12 kiosks of the Mexicain shopping mall Mundo E located
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After acquiring a new wayfinding system with the ViaDirect solution, O'Parinor chose to update the software with a new and more advanced
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Mega Plaza Independencia

The Peruvian Mega Plaza Independencia shopping center use now seven specific ViaDirect wayfinding kiosk, featuring the famous Gazelle model
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digital outdoor kiosks characteristics

In order to orientate people and provide them with all the information, the outdoor wayfinding kiosks has its own characteristics
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Italie Deux

Italie Deux, located in the heart of Paris 13, next to the Place d'Italie, has had the ViaDirect wayfinding solution for several years
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Les Terrasses du Port

In 2014, Hammerson equips the mall with 9 ViaDirect digital wayfinding kiosk. Currently, Les Terrasses du Port continues its project with new
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A continuous guidance

ViaDirect guides your visitors from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave! We provide all the solution to give you the better…
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Nice Etoile

Located in France, the shopping center Nice Etoile has updated it ViaDirect wayfinding software with our latest version after six years
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Château de Versailles

During this year, a new request was provided between the Château de Versailles and ViaDirect for the installation of dynamic screens
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Renaissance Mall Aruba

The Renaissance Mall Aruba, located in the Caribbean, now has a ViaDirect wayfinding kiosk to guide its visitors through its luxury shops...
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Why this price for wayfinding solution?

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Parque Arboleda

ViaDirect implements digital wayfinding kiosks as well as its mobile solution, within the Parque Arboleda center in Colombia
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Villaggio Mall

The center located in Doha, Qatar, has been equipped with the ViaDirect wayfinding software since 2016. This year it has optimised its
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L’Avenue 83

7 years ago, L'avenue 83 wanted to orient its visitors in the best possible way with ViaDirect kiosks... Today, we are pleased to renew
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