The leading 3D wayfinding and information solution is available in Thailand

Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, is famous for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples. But also for its ultramodern cityscapes. In the age of innovation, digital wayfinding kiosks are a major asset for your business. Customers expect to find an efficient, user-friendly and interactive solution on their screens. 

ViaDirect, expert in 3D wayfinding and interactive information solutions, has been internationalizing its activities since 2014 with the opening of offices all over the world and the provision of skilled employees to support you in our projects. 

But why is 3D wayfinding so important?

Finding your way around when entering a building can be a very complicated task. We have all experienced getting lost in complex places, going the wrong way, turning in circles, searching in vain for the right route.

To solve this problem, many sectors such as malls, airports, hospitals, universities, cities or amusement parks are investing in digital wayfinding kiosks.

They invest with the ultimate goal of enabling customers, visitors, tourists and employees to access information in a fluid and interactive way. The customer experience is a key element in our daily lives, and the use of competent software is a solution to this.

The 8 main benefits that an organization can gain from an interactive kiosk: 

1. New vision 
People are looking for quick wayfinding and information. In view of the new technology, they are used to easily accessing the information they want via the internet and their smartphones. As a result, we expect to find interactive interfaces in public places such as digital wayfinding kiosks more often than not.

2. Reducing frustration 
It can be very frustrating to walk around in an unfamiliar place. Especially if we are busy or trying to find something in a hurry. This is not what we want for our visitors. The experience should be positive. That’s where 3D digital signage comes in. You can now easily guide them to where they want to go. It also takes the pressure off the crowded corridors, because visitors now know where to go. People can search directly on the kiosks which are usually strategically placed. They feel more in control and relaxed.

3. Self-service
People are different. Some seek human interaction. Others are content with machines. They look for what they want and leave. In a digital world, more and more people are looking for self-service information kiosks where they can easily find what they need. Plus, having these self-service digital directories frees up your staff. They don’t have to give directions all day long and can focus on providing more useful information to your visitors with more personal attention. This helps to increase visitor and employee satisfaction.

4. Attractive
A well-designed signage solution, which also offers all the necessary functionality, will attract the attention of your visitors. Your graphic design, imagery and colour schemes will be used and reinforce your brand identity. Furthermore, it shows that your brand is modern and ready to invest in technology. It positions your establishment as a premium, quality location.

5. Green and cost effective
Paper signage is what used to be done in terms of wayfinding. With the interactive kiosk, you no longer need to print, no more paper and no more waste whenever you need to change a sign or a tenant in your building. In the long run, digital can be more economical than continuing to print information. Plus, you don’t need employees to go around your building putting up and taking down notices and signs. Their time is more valuable than that. Now, with a simple click on a CMS, all content can be updated at once.

6. Flexible
Searching by A-Z, shops, rooms, amenities or categories is a flexibility people love. Information can be presented and searched as they wish. In addition, it can easily integrate other information such as weather, traffic information, transport via API keys or even systems such as flight information or barcode readers (for loyalty cards, boarding passes…). You can link most databases that will feed your kiosk and display up-to-date information.

7. Updating content
As mentioned above, updating content is a real added value. Everything changes quickly: new tenants in your shopping mall, new doctors in your hospital, new gates for your airport, new meeting rooms in your offices… A digital directory can provide your visitors with the latest information about your building. No more big expenses for printed signs!

8. Collecting data
The 3D wayfinding solution helps the owner to better understand his customers. It is possible to collect data and have it available through statistical reports where you can see the behaviour of visitors. It’s great for tracking and analysing where people prefer to go, what searches they do, or what kind of events or promotions they are interested in. 


ViaDirect kiosks make your day-to-day life better.
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