Our "Gazelle" wayfinding kiosk model

ViaDirect, your trusted partner for wayfinding solutions

For the past 14 years, ViaDirect has been a leading provider of global customer loyalty, information, and interactive de bornes d’orientation numérique. Our company specializes in offering user-friendly and efficient wayfinding solutions, including our state-of-the-art bornes d'orientation. With a presence spanning over 35 countries, we have successfully installed more than 200 kiosks, serving a user base exceeding 1 million individuals. We pride ourselves on delivering a swift and intuitive experience, guiding users to easily access to needed information and directions. At ViaDirect, we ensure that our customers and their visitors enjoy an exceptional digital experience.

Why should you install a "Gazelle" wayfinding kiosk model in your building ? 

Le Gazelle model, a flagship product from ViaDirect, has achieved the distinction of being our best-selling kiosk worldwide. Its popularity can be attributed to its exceptional ease of use and efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for helping visitors navigate various environments, including shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and more. Moreover, this solution enables our customers to build visitor loyalty et satisfaction by implementing user-friendly wayfinding solutions with features specially adapted to its type of site and and the needs of their visitors.

ViaDirect offers two different models for this type of kiosk: 

  • Gazelle 
  • Gazelle Fit : suitable for people with reduced mobility, thanks to its neat and accessible design.

These two models ensure that all users, whatever their abilities, can use them without any complications.

Incomparable Gazelle model features

The Gazelle kiosk model, made in France, represents a balance between efficiency and beauty. It stands out for its high-quality and durability, its perfect compatibility with both small and large environments, and its high-quality multi-touch screen.

Criteria specific to the Gazelle model

  • Indoor furniture in powder-coated sheet metal
  • 43-inch high-brightness screen
  • Anti-rust paint treatment
  • Addition of a luminous “i”
  • Options available : barcode reader, NFC, QR code


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