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Istanbul galata tower
ViaDirect settled in Turkey: the shopping mall Zorlu Center is now equipped with 27 multitouch kiosks
1 February 2017
Istanbul , TURKEY
Wayfinder Interactive directories for mall

First installation in Turkey for ViaDirect


ViaDirect, the leading 3D wayfinding solution in Europe, has finished its first installation in Turkey by equipping Zorlu Center in Istanbul few months after opening its Turkish office.


This temple of Turkish shopping (105 000m²) is composed of 190 stores with many luxury brands, restaurants, services, 14 cinemas and 2 auditoriums that can accommodate more than 3000 people.


Zorlu Center chose 27 multitouch screens with the ViaDirect 3D way finding software to guide and inform the visitors of the mall: 7 double screen totems and 13 landscape kiosks.


ViaDirect has developed a tailor-made application dedicated to Zorlu Center needs:


  • Slideshow of ads on the screensaver when the software isn’t used
  • Multilevel 3D map
  • Search by floor, category and name
  • Search by restaurants, offices and services
  • Real-time orientation to the desired destination
  • Sending route via text message
  • Film screenings and movie synopses in Zorlu Center and guidance to movie theatres & shows
  • Zorlu World: news of the mall and stores’ promotions


ViaDirect also provides expertize on the software maintenance quality. Our field of intervention covers the outsourcing of hardware and software installations, the analysis and resolution of incidents, the secure data exchange, as well as the client's support. 

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