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ViaDirect realizes its first installation in Luxembourg thanks to Ikogest property!
23 April 2018
Differdange , Luxembourg

ViaDirect is exported to Luxembourg for the first time and equips the new shopping center Opkorn owned by Ikogest property. This installation is a new step for the international ViaDirect's development, which has distributors in 35 countries.

Opkorn is the first shopping mall in Differdange, also third largest shopping center in Luxembourg. It extends over nearly 33 000m² and has 30 shops and 5 restaurants. ViaDirect installs 1 kiosk and its orientation solution inside the center.



1 kiosk "Gazelle"

Equipment (hardware) for 3 wall screens



  • A 3D tactile map guiding people to destinations in real time
  • Searching shops alphabetically and by theme
  • Search for restaurants and services in the center
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Sending sms with route
  • PMR itinerary