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ViaDirect pursues its digitizing policy of medical facilities by equiping Civil hospitals of Colmar.
25 January 2018
Colmar , FRANCE

The civil hospitals of Colmar is integrated by UGAP. Colmar, a French private health facility, has installed one indoor terminal 'Lémurien' from the ViaDirect furniture catalog to guide and inform patients, visitors and medical staff via a touch screen.



Desired functions for the application:

  • Search for any destination with a display of a 3D map
  • Classic FOCH style in a 5/6 storey building



  • 1 white wall mount with 43 inch screen


  • Samsung PH43F 43-inch screen
  • Slab 43 PQLABS G5
  • AOPEN DEX 5350 Player
  • VDBOX Basic



ViaDirect is focusing on the software maintenance of facilities and statistical analysis of behavioral data.