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L’hôpital Foch se munie de la solution d’orientation et d’information ViaDirect ViaDirect provides the Foch hospital with its interactive wayfinding solution
ViaDirect provides the Foch hospital with its interactive wayfinding solution
22 September 2017
Suresnes , FRANCE
interactive wayfinding solution Plan interactif 3D Wayfinder in hospitals

ViaDirect pursues its digitizing policy of medical facilities by equipping one of the largest hospitals in Paris’ area: The Foch hospital.


After 22 hospitals of the AP-HP (public hospitals of Paris), the Metz-Thionville hospital, the Rothschild Ophthalmological Foundation, the medical center Gustave Roussy and the Tabuk military hospital in Saudi Arabia, ViaDirect meets one again the specific needs of medical establishments.


The Foch hospital, a French private healthcare facility near to Paris, installs one interactive 'Lémurien' directory from the exclusive ViaDirect catalog to guide and inform patients, visitors and medical staff via a 49’’ multitouch screen.



  • Search services by input and predictive results or by list
  • Practical services
  • Real-time transport: bus, tram and train timetables, regional and local road traffic and bicycles renting information
  • Weather
  • QRcode to promote the mobile app
  • PMK mode: adapted itinerary by avoiding the stairs


To make it accessible to everyone, the solution benefits from a smart interface which can bring down the “touch part” (the menu and the browsing buttons) so that people in wheelchair can touch them.


ViaDirect brings exemplary supervision and the expertise of outsourcing of tactile devices acquired over hundreds of devices for 8 years to ensure optimal availability.

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