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ViaDirect is once again in the United Kingdom with two new schools equipped: the National College for High Speed Rail!
16 November 2017
Birmingham & Doncaster , UNITED KINGDOM

ViaDirect, European leader of interactive 3D wayfinding solution, has been implemented in two Colleges in the UK with a software showing all the locations of the building (office of collaborators included) and a module designed specifically to ease the gathering between visitors and collaborators.

In total, ViaDirect is to be displayed in 7 kiosks in each building (Birmingham & Doncaster).


Among other things, the 3D wayfinding software is displaying the following:

  • Search for any destination with a display of a 3D multi-floor map (or free 3D navigation within the building)
  • The “I have an appointment” module for collaborators to be aware of each visitor’s venue (with SMS sending)
  • Search of services
  • Search for collaborators by name
  • News of the building

And a display of the agenda of each student thanks to a scanning of its badge (module still in dev. phase)

The exclusive interface was designed according to the client’s needs as well as its specific identity guidelines. The content is obviously available in English.

As usual, ViaDirect is responsible for the software monitoring and maintenance, as well as to provide statistics on the behavior of the users.

When no one is touching the screens, the ViaDirect software is switching to display Media4Display from Telelogos with Digital Signage content (information).

This operation was possible thanks to our partner, WSi.