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ViaDirect implements its third installation in China equipping the shopping mall Vanke Qibao.
ViaDirect implements its third installation in China equipping the shopping mall Vanke Qibao.
1 March 2017
Shanghai , CHINA
Wayfinding kiosks Borne interactive d'information Borne tactile d'orientation Digital directory

At the beginning of 2015, ViaDirect did its first installation in Ningbo equipping the shopping center Sun Art Plaza with interactive devices; a few months later, it was followed by setting up  7 multitouch e-directories in Ufun Shanghai mall. ViaDirect is particularly proud to equip a third mall with its 3D wayfinding kiosks in China: Vanke Qibao Shanghai.


In collaboration with its Chinese partners, South China House of Technology & SAGA Technologies, this installation strengthens the international development of ViaDirect, represented in 30 countries.



Vanke has selected a range of features and connected services to enhance the shopping experience of all visitors:

  • Search brands by keyword, floor or category
  • 3D map of the mall indicating user’s current location and directions to desired destinations
  • Mall’s events and services
  • Parking
  • Transport
  • QR code display to join the mall’s WeChat account


Since 2016, ViaDirect runs a new hosting platform in China to guarantee an high availability of its solutions on the territory and to facilitate the access to its monitoring, management and statistics platform.


MAINTENANCE by ViaDirect & Partners

Companies insure that hardware and software work properly 24/7.

ViaDirect provides comprehensive remote software monitoring services and maintenance that is shared with its Chinese partners, who can further provide timely hardware maintenance and on-site support when necessary.

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