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ViaDirect s’exporte pour la première fois au Chili et équipe l’aéroport Nuevo Pudahuel à SantiagoViaDirect for the first time in Chile at Nuevo Pudahuel international airport in Santiago
ViaDirect for the first time in Chile at Nuevo Pudahuel international airport in Santiago
21 March 2017
Santiago , CHILE
wayfinding kiosks in airport écran tactile d'orientation 3D 3D wayfinding screen

After Lyon airport in France and Bologna airport in Italy, ViaDirect is now installed in the Nuevo Pudahuel international airport in Santiago de Chile through its local partner Cleverox with the collaboration of Massiva.


10 interactive directories have been installed in Chile’s main international airport.


Interactive 3D wayfinding

  • Search and guidance towards stores, services, transport and restaurants of the airport 
  • Sending the itinerary to a Smartphone by text message to guide the user to his/her destination
  • Display of step-free routes for people in wheelchair
  • Display of an alert on the map when the user is looking for a destination in the boarding areas


Information in real time

  • Background of the application changing according to the time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night)
  • Weather information 
  • Promotions available in the stores 
  • Incentive to download the airport's mobile app including a 2D map provided by ViaDirect


The performances chosen by the airport Nuevo Pudahuel are based on ViaDirect’s expertise in terms of maintenance and statistical analysis of behavioural data.

Directories with 3D map Solution d'orientation aéroport Borne d'orientation aéroport wayfinding signage for airport 3D multi-floors map Interactive 3D map in Chiles airport