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ViaDirect realizes its first installation in United Arab Emirates: 2 interactive kiosk in Al Wahda Mall
ViaDirect delivers its first installation in the United Arab Emirates: 2 interactive kiosks in Al Wahda Mall
1 March 2016
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First deployment in the United Arab Emirates

Al Wahda Mall, one of the biggest shopping mall of the United Arab Emirates, has chosen ViaDirect software and installed 2 interactive kiosks. This installation has been undertaken by our local partner United Security Technology LLC.


After shopping malls in Qatar, in China and in Russia, ViaDirect shows once again its worldwide implementation thanks to its first deployment in the United Arab Emirates, shortly followed by installation in Mexico City as well as the Netherlands.


Recently, ViaDirect set up an office in Abu Dhabi to facilitate the development of its wayfinding solution located in the GCC.



Al Wahda Mall has selected two kiosks “Lémurien” designed and manufactured by ViaDirect. Hosting the latest technology touch screen 46”, LED banners on the side, a highlighted “I” and a logo of the shopping mall inlaid on the front panel. Those kiosks offer a thin and elegant design that enhances the user experiences.



In English and in Arabic language, the software was adapted to the dimensions and characteristics of the Middle East shopping malls.

  • 3D and multi-floor display of the mall map
  • Search by theme, destination, shop, article, etc.
  • Restaurants
  • Services: Mosques, reception, toilets
  • Coming Events
  • Entertainment: cinema, theme park, playground, sports halls, children’s carousel
  • Promotion and special offers
  • Information and itineraries can be sent on smartphones
  • Accessible for disabled people: automatic lowering of the menu hand-high for people in wheelchair; alternative itineraries to get round stairs or escalators



ViaDirect also provides expertize on the software maintenance quality. Systematically installed on our digital furniture, the VDBox ensure the facility for electric remote and, associated to the ViaDirect supervision platform, reduces the number of incidents requiring intervention on site and the delay of resolution.


The VDBox fills the disadvantage of an all-in-one solution: it enables remote maintenance tools in order to keep a high level service in case of dysfunction


The hardware maintenance is provided by our local partner United Security Technology LLC for reasons of reactivity and ease of trade.


Hence, our field of competence covers the remote maintenance for software & hardware, the analysis and resolving of incidents, the secured data transfer and a close support to the customer.


United Security Technology LLC (UST) a division of the prestigious Al Otaiba Group of companies is a reputed technology firm based in Abu Dhabi. UST provides advanced security solutions in the areas of Alarm System, Perimeter Surveillance, CCTV, Access Control, Way Finding, Parking Solutions, Barrier Gates, Structured Cabling, Visitor Management, Audio Visual, Home Automation, Process Automation, Green Power Solutions and After Sale Support. We offer quality services at affordable cost that would suit the needs of our clients and their business.