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ViaDirect City in the center of Paris, the revolutionnary way to meet city users needs
ViaDirect City in the center of Paris, the revolutionnary way to meet city users needs
1 September 2012
Paris , France
Multitouch wayfinding borne dorientation tactile

ViaDirect equips Boulevard Haussmann in Paris


The touch revolution for Cities

In June 2011, L’île des Médias won the call for proposals launched by the City of Paris with Paris Région Lab, for the implementation of smart urban furniture. Thus, in September, Parisians and tourists have discovered on boulevard Haussmann, in front of the Department Stores, ViaDirect City, the very first interactive touch guide and map. This great solution for dynamic localization is as convenient as ergonomic to find your way in the neighborhood area. It also offers access to high value services. Truly innovative in terms of digital applications and visually appealing, the system ViaDirect City is a true “touch revolution” in the heart of the city.


A wayfinding solution tailored for the city

ViaDirect City is a dedicated version for cities of ViaDirect, the well-known wayfinding solution developed by L’île des Médias and already deployed in many public places (shopping malls, hospitals, etc..) in France and Europe. This innovative wayfinding solution was chosen in 2011 by the City of Paris and the Paris Région Lab. Since September, it is implemented in a perfect location in a strategic area of Paris: on Boulevard Haussmann. This touch system consists of a large vertical urban kiosk and is highly efficient, offering users a useful and enriching browsing experience.

The interface is very sophisticated and ergonomic so that everything is easily understandable by everyone, with an appealing graphical identity

You won’t forget ViaDirect City

ViaDirect City was designed to help the user find his way among a large selection of destinations in a specific neighborhood. The route is displayed in a 3D representation easy to understand. Besides, the route is displayed in the user’s point of view: what is on his left appears on the left of the screen.

For the first time in the digital world, most destinations benefit from a photorealistic 3D representation of the route thanks to a “bird’s eye view” with a great level of detail (1 pixel for 5 centimeters).

A lot of useful services

In addition to being a great wayfinding solution for cities, ViaDirect City offers many useful and innovative services:

  • Hours and next services for subways and buses updated in real time
  • Availability of the car and bike sharing systems
  • Stores sorted by alphabetical order or category
  • Nearby monuments
  • Cultural places (cinemas, museums, theaters, …)
  • The map of every route can be sent for free to users’s phones
  • Users can read every day some pages of a local newspaper with a clean sliding gesture
  • The weather and the city air quality is displayed in real time
  • Users can explore the nearby bars, hotels and restaurants. They can even book a table directly on the kiosk and benefit from exclusive promotions thanks to a partnership with TheFork.com


The best technology for everyone

Paris being one of the most visited cities in the world, ViaDirect City is available in four languages: French, English, Russian and Spanish. To make it accessible to everyone, the solution benefits from a smart interface which can bring down the “touch part” (the menu and the browsing buttons) so that people in wheelchair can touch them.

The piece of furniture is specifically designed for an outdoor use in the heart of cities. It tolerates intense cold (-40°C), rain, snow, sun and very hot temperatures (until +70° C). It can also resist to external aggressions thanks to its armored window and external envelope. Equipped with two large 55’’ screens (1.21 m / 68 cm), this kiosk offers on one side a digital signage to display every kind of information (for example advertising) and on the other side the touch wayfinding solution.
This product is a very mature and balanced solution with a perfect touch interface.

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