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SingPost in Singapore
SINGAPORE. SingPost : An innovative mall ViaDirect equipped
22 February 2019
SingPost in Singapore

SINGAPORE. ViaDirect equips innovative SingPost


Paris - Singapore, February 22, 2019


In Singapore, ViaDirect has set up 4 giants interactive kiosks in new and innovative SingPost mall.


As soon as it opened in 2017, the Singapore Post Centre of Singapore (SingPost) has been equipped with 4 huge 65’’ interactive vertical kiosks working with well known ViaDirect 3D wayfinding software.

Built East to Singapore and proprietary of historical postal company of Singapore (for 150 years), the SingPost mall has aggressively developed a shopping logistic that combines on site shopping and online services.
A customer may choose a product in any retail shop and then order, pay and ask for home delivery, thru a mobile app. The customer may then continue his shopping hands free.

Since 2017, the SingPost mall spreads out over 5 000 m2 and 5 floors of retail space which include, among other services, a post office, an 8 eight-hall cineplex and 3 underground of car park.

The project has been done in coordination with Ascenstar, ViaDirect partner in the Singapore market since 2016.

Thru the 4 dedicated kiosks, ViaDirect software offers to the SingPost customers many interactive tools to help organise their visit and shopping : 3D interactive map, alphabetical listings of shops and interests… And the local weather too.

External pictures of Singapore SingPost are © Singapore Post / DR 

About ViaDirect

ViaDirect interactive 3D wayfinding software solutions advise and guide in an intuitive and modern way people visiting public and professional venues since 2009: Shopping malls, department stores, museums, hospitals, train stations and airports, amusement parks, universities, offices and headquarters, industrial and business centers…  

Leader in Europe, Russia, and Central America, ViaDirect has implemented his 3D wayfinding interactive kiosks and software on more than 400 areas in 35 countries in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Russia…

ViaDirect has 8 international offices.

Headquarter is located in Paris, France.

ViaDirect software suite...

The ViaDirect Singapore SingPost software suite includes…


  • A 3D interactive map of the 5 levels mall
  • Any itineraries thru the mall
  • Personalized itineraries and map sent to mobiles thru a QR Code quick scan
  • Optimized itineraries for people with reduced mobility
  • Search for restaurants and shops by name, category and by floor
  • Dynamic display of promotions and events in real time
  • Listing of services and public transportation
  • User interface in English

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