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Multitouch kiosk shopping mall
The shopping mall "Usines Center" (Gonesse) equipped with 3 multitouch kiosks and with a wayfinding, information and loyalty software
1 January 2014
Gonesse , FRANCE
Interactive 3D kiosk digital signage Indoor navigation service géolocalisés

ViaDirect equips Usines center


Pioneer of outlets in France, the mall "Usines Center" (Gonesse) has been equipped with the ViaDirect interactive and multitouch wayfinding solution, during its renovation.


ViaDirect has deployed several features:

  • Multitouch 3D wayfinding solution (kiosk and software)
  • NFC reader for the deployment of a loyalty solution in 2014
  • Interactive loyalty program (hardware, software in progress, intended for February)


Usines Center chose the “Gazelle” kiosk, from the ViaDirect magazine. Our staff dealt with all the stages: from the conception to the production, installation and outsourcing-maintenance of the equipment and software.




The installation (pictures beside) is composed of three 40’’ kiosks (wayfinding/loyalty) and a NFC reader. They use the latest technologies from screens to touch frame in order to offer a very slim, yet robust, modern design for public places (ultra-small form factor PC, HD LED display, optical multitouch frame, tempered glass with anti-reflect treatment).




Kiosks are equipped with the ViaDirect solution.

Usines Center noticed the ViaDirect ability to work by Web Service for the entire content (offers, shops, pictures…), allowing a perfect synchronization between the Web, the Mobile and the interactive kiosks while designed in an asynchronous way (locally stocked data) in order to maintain an equal service quality whatever the Internet access.

Kiosks also allow to interface with the mall’s loyalty program through barcode and NFC readers.


The other standard features of ViaDirect are deployed:

  • Real-time wayfinding in 3D environment with multi-floor view
  • Multitouch map of the mall
  • Search by theme and destination
  • Animated user interface
  • Display of offers and news
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment and incident management the next day (week-ends and public holidays included).

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