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Samsung selects the ViaDirect wayfinding solution to guide and inform in its headquarters.
Samsung selects the ViaDirect wayfinding solution to guide and inform in its headquarters.
1 April 2016
Saint-Ouen , FRANCE
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The Samsung's headquarters equipped by ViaDirect

Samsung is equipped with one interactive directory to guide employees and visitors within the showroom of its headquarters and to show the features of the ViaDirect Building software. The Samsung’s aim is to show visitors, customers and prospects the benefits of digitalization of information.



To highlight Samsung and its showroom, ViaDirect brought out a real editorial dimension through the organization of the interface to achieve a fully functional product connected to the building data.



- Discover the headquarters

  • Search collaborators by a virtual keyboard and orientation to the person concerned
  • Search available meeting rooms, services, car parks, practical facilities

- Discover Samsung : the brand and the showroom’s products

- Discover the showroom: presentation of the different spaces but also the flagship products and immediate orientation to the desired space



- Transport and traffic

  • Location of RAPT stations, including real time schedule and maps
  • Real time bicycles and cars renting information, including stations locations
  • Real-team Paris Traffic information

- The quarter

  • Restaurants, public services, shops around the headquarters of Samsung

- Press review

  • Headlines of the 3 French newspapers



  • Waiting time and chef's suggestions
  • Menus of the week



Samsung has chosen 1 ‘Marina’ kiosk designed by ViaDirect and equiped with one 32’’ multitouch Samsung screen. An “I” LED sign was added into the kiosk to increase further visibility in the headquarters of the multinational.


The ViaDirect solution deployed within the Samsung promotes the brand, while conveying a modern and innovative image of the building.