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Russia: ViaDirect installs 14 double-kiosks with wayfinding and dynamic display in ‘Riviera’ mall
Russia: ViaDirect installs 14 double-kiosks with wayfinding and dynamic display in ‘Riviera’ mall
6 June 2016
Moscow , RUSSIA
borne interactive tactile Solution tactile d'orientation Wayfinding and information kiosk Wayfinding kiosk

The installation in Riviera mall

ViaDirect delivers its interactive solution to guide and inform the visitors of the ‘Riviera’ mall in Moscow. After shopping malls in Qatar, ChinaMexico and United Arab Emirates, ViaDirect shows once again its worldwide implementation thanks to this 5th deployment in Russia. As the next shopping symbol of the capital, ‘Riviera’ mall chooses to install 14 double-screen kiosks to digitize its customer relationship: on one side a 48’’ dynamic display broadcasting videos and animation and on the other a wayfinding multi-touch screen.


Kiosks use the latest technologies from screens to touch frame in order to offer a very slim, yet robust, modern design for public places. They are specially designed and fabricated to be multifunctional while benefiting from a strong visual impact.


Directories are accessible for disabled people thanks to the automatic lowering of the menu and alternative itineraries to get round stairs or escalators.


From Paris, ViaDirect supervises in real time the operation of the kiosks, and provide a technical support acquired after 7 years of operating dozen sites. ‘Riviera’ mall benefits from ViaDirect expertise in terms of software maintenance, outsourcing physical facilities, analysis and premium support incident, secure exchanges of data, as well as customer support. 

Software features

In Russian and English language, the wayfinding software is adapted to the ‘Riviera’ needs:

  • A full multi-touch map experience
  • Search stores by alphabet or category
  • Search services and restaurant easily
  • Orientation in real time multi-floor, with a way oriented in the user’s point of view
  • Display in real time of promotions, news and events
  • History of ‘Riviera’, a 360-degree view and QR codes that link to social networks
  • Transport: shuttle schedule, real-time road traffic, taxi booking and orientation toward one’s parking place
  • Movies’ live information, synopsis and next showing timetables
  • Tourist destinations nearby


The ‘Riviera’ mall will be the first center to test these features, developed by ViaDirect:

  • Receive news and good deals by email
  • Know the exact path of the parking space