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Multitouch kiosk with internet access
A range of connected services for the ‘Auchan La Couronne’ mall
1 July 2014
Paris , FRANCE
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ViaDirect equips La Couronne center


Still on track with its digital strategy, Immochan, the commercial ground rent working for the Auchan’s shopping malls, has chosen to equip the ‘Auchan La Couronne’ in France. The Viadirect installation is about setting up a free internet access kiosk (22 ‘’) and games for visitors. Moreover, they proposed an interactive children playground with a range of cartoons (46’’) and two screens for games (19’’).



Furnitures come from the ‘Happy life’ range already installed in ‘Maison Neuve’ shopping mall at Bretigny-sur-Orge in France.

Each kiosk is produced by ViaDirect with a high and strict respect of our quality, design and manufacture commitments.


Our kiosk are equipped with a public access to the internet including a content filtering and statistics use of the software. They also have ‘Pyro Jump’ game, inspired by the successful smartphone game. This teen-adult game is connected to social networks and mobiles’ gamers in order to stimulate their involvement.

Children playground’s games have been designed to create a rich user interface including a wide range of classics games such as: Memory, Shooting Gallery, Drawing, and the Machine Catcher-plush.

For cartoons broadcasting, ViaDirect has implemented a tailor made dynamic display solution through Raspberry Pi Hardware.




The shopping mall chooses others digital services by installing:

  • 1 32’’ portrait totem offering the classified ads. The application allows visitors to submit their offer directly to the kiosk or through a dedicated website, accessible on mobile
  • 2 kiosks with a filtered internet access and statistic use of the software and with the ‘Pyro Jump’ game, inspired by the successful smartphone game
  • 1 multi-touch coffee tables for reading various magazines

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