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Le centre commercial Okabé (Altarea) s’équipe de 3 bornes d’orientation tactiles
The Okabé shopping mall equipped by 3 multitouch wayfinding kiosks
1 July 2014
Le Kremlin-Bicêtre , FRANCE
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ViaDirect equips Okabé center


The ViaDirect wayfinding and information solution has equipped the Okabé shopping mall near to Paris. The Alterea-Cogedim Group has already entrusted the equipment of the shopping center Qwartz to ViaDirect. Those 2 centers have the latest version of the interface.



The installation is composed by 3 “Gazelle” multitouch kiosks designated by our exclusive ViaDirect catalog but specially redesigned for Okabé. These are fitted with the news technologies screens and multitouch to propose an extremely thin and constraints robustness respectful public places of design (PC ultra-small form factor, LED HD screen, high frequency multitouch optical display, coated lens glass,...).



The kiosks are fitted with the ViaDirect interactive wayfinding and information solution.

All kiosks benefit from the software integration. The ViaDirect systems and networks are very high and it allows perfect security and availability. Managed a hundred screens, ViaDirect is responsible of the outsourcing services and maintenance. Altarea Cogedim takes advantage of a monitoring and exclusive intervention developed by our teams.

Okabé has chosen the ViaDirect capacities to propose an industrialized solution ensuring short lead times and a consistent high level of quality.

The other usual features of ViaDirect were deployed:

  • 3D guidance in real time and multistage for people
  • Multitouch plan
  • Search by subject and destination
  • Animated user interface
  • Diffusion of news and promotions
  • A constant monitoring of the directories and problem resolution in 24h

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