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New ViaDirect installation in Lillenium with Lollipop kiosks in a mall for the first time!
23 September 2020
Lille , FRANCE
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ViaDirect installs Gazelle & Lollipop in Lillenium

Last Wednesday, ViaDirect equipped a new shopping center in the North of France: Lillenium managed by Accessite.

The shopping center, which opened this year in the Lille-South district, has more than 70 shops and restaurants. 3 Gazelles 43" touchscreen kiosks as well as 2 Lollipop 86" kiosks have been installed there.

The Gazelles display the ViaDirect orientation software allowing the visitors to search for 3D routes to all the destinations in the shopping center: restaurants, stores, services, etc. They also have access to the latest information from the center such as coming events etc...

This is the first time that ViaDirect installed its Lollipop model, a 86" stretch screen display kiosk (non-touch), in a retail area.

The content of these special kiosks is adapted according to the time of day, in order to provide a relevant offer. For example, they will indicate the restaurants in priority at noon or the supermarkets and the mall's services in the morning. Dynamic content such as the center's Instagram feed or the weather forecast have also been added to these kiosks. This content is also managed with the Media4Display software from Telelogos on which ViaDirect is certified.

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