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A new Mexican center equips itself with the ViaDirect interactive solution: Ambar Fashion Mall in Mexico
18 January 2018
Tuxtla , MEXICO

ViaDirect multiplies its installations in Mexico and equips the Ambar Fashion Mall, based in Tuxtla, of 4 interactive directories to guide and inform visitors. This new mall by PARKS opened in August 2018. PARKS chose ViaDirect after Fibra Uno recommendations.

ViaDirect offers an unique experience to the consumers thanks to the VD Mall and VD Media solutions.



The 5 interactive kiosks have a 55” vertical screen, enabling a comfort of use and a maximum readability. They have been manufactured by our Mexican partner Kolo, ensuring responsiveness on the hardware maintenance, and promoting the local expertise.



VD Media: Ads loops software

VD Mall:

  • Researching of 120 shops by name or category
  • Services
  • Restaurants
  • Discovering the center through pictures
  • Cinema and entertainment
  • Promotions in real time and directions to the related store
  • Sending map by text
  • Nearby events