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NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam-Centraal railway station now equipped with ViaDirect information and wayfinding interactive kiosks!
24 July 2019
Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal Amsterdam-Centraal Amsterdam-Centraal Amsterdam-Centraal Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal

Amsterdam-Centraal rail station equipped ViaDirect


Paris - Amsterdam, July 24, 2019


ViaDirect has the great pleasure to have equipped Amsterdam-Centraal railway station with its information and wayfinding kiosks dedicated to travelers.


Positioned near the entrances of Amsterdam railway station, the two interactive kiosks, embedded with ViaDirect wayfinding software specially designed for train stations, offer all expected informations and services for travelers.


Including and beforehand, the most essentials infos to reach its scheduled train: real time timetables of trains departures and arrivals and, using the 3D map, the best and fastest way to reach each train platform.


Every services associated with Amsterdam railway station are precisely listed and quickly accessible thanks to the kiosk search engine associated with the interactive 3D map. Restoration services and retails shops of the 2nd floor are also indexed and easily found. 


Built at the end of the XIXth century on three islands, Amsterdam-Centraal railway station doesn’t need an introduction. Last stop for many internationals and national train lines, of buses and tram lines, of ferry boats boarding passengers and cars, it serves a great number of Netherlands cities and European capitals. 250 000 passengers go by everyday.
Amsterdam-Centraal is also at the beginning of numerous touristic boats that tour the famous city canals and of local trains leading to Amsterdam-Schiphol airport.


The two wayfinding kiosks installation in Amsterdam-Centraal has been ordered to ViaDirect by NS Stations, Netherlands main railway operator.


About ViaDirect

ViaDirect interactive 3D wayfinding software solutions advise and guide in an intuitive and modern way people visiting public and professional venues since 2009: Shopping malls, department stores, museums, hospitals, train stations and airports, amusement parks, universities, offices and headquarters, industrial and business centers…  

Leader in Europe, Russia, and Central America, ViaDirect has implemented his 3D wayfinding interactive kiosks and software on more than 400 areas in 36 countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle-East…

ViaDirect has 8 international offices.

Headquarter is located in Paris, France.

ViaDirect software suite...


ViaDirect software suite dedicated to Amsterdam-Centraal includes…

  • Interactive 3D map of the 2 levels and all the railway platforms
  • Departures and arrivals train schedule in real time with platforms instant itinerary
  • Journey planner towards all Netherland’s railway stations using an easy form
  • Search of shops and services by categories (retail, restoration and drink services…)
  • Opinion survey about the kiosk usage and appreciation
  • Information about public transports nearby (bus, metro, tram, ferries…) and private transports as taxis, bike rentings…
  • User-interface in Dutch and English languages

ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal ViaDirect software for Amsterdam-Centraal Interactive kiosk Amsterdam-Centraal Interactive kiosk Amsterdam-Centraal