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The National Institute of Education (NIE) installs ViaDirect’s unique 3D wayfinding system in its campus
The National Institute of Education (NIE) installs ViaDirect’s unique 3D wayfinding system in its campus
16 January 2017
Singapore , SINGAPORE
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NIE is an institute of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore; it is the sole teacher education institute for teachers in the city-state. With more than 13,600 students undergoing professional development programmes and around 350 academic staff members, NIE understands the growing needs to guide and inform its stakeholders in an efficient and clear manner.


In order to reach that goal, ViaDirect, expert in 3D wayfinding and interactive solutions, and Ascenstar, ViaDirect’s local partner expert in Digital Signage and interactive directories, have been selected by NIE to develop an innovative kiosk solution running ViaDirect’s 3D wayfinding software application.


Ascenstar & ViaDirect: Maintenance

Both companies insure that both hardware and software work properly 24/7. ViaDirect provides comprehensive remote software monitoring services and maintenance that is shared with its Singaporean partner Ascenstar, who can further provide timely hardware maintenance and on-site support when necessary.


Ascenstar PTE LTD is a leading solution provider for Digital Directory system, Digital Signage, Videowall System, Display Solutions, and interactive kiosk, in Singapore and the region. For product information and enquiries, please contact us at (65) 6636 6918 or e-mail us at enquiry@ascenstar.com ;www.ascenstar.com

Wayfinding software:

The kiosk installed in NIE welcomes ViaDirect wayfinding software which each feature is adapted to the University typology:

  • Wayfinding of people in real time
  • Campus Services
  • Campus Facilities
  • Display in real time of news and events
  • Transports and parking

Finally, the NIE campus knows two new features, developed tailored by ViaDirect:

  • Very detailed routes and illustrated for complex destinations to find
  • Improved visual of multi-destinations areas (ex: classrooms in building A) to effectively guide students and faculty.

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