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Moscow welcomes ViaDirect for the 4th time : 8 multitouch wayfinding kiosks in the ‘Avenue SouthWest’ mall
Moscow welcomes ViaDirect for the 4th time: 8 multitouch wayfinding kiosks in the ‘Avenue SouthWest’ mall
1 March 2016
Moscow , RUSSIA
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ViaDirect back to Russia

After equipping the ‘Erevan Plaza’, ‘RIO Leninsky’ and ‘City Plaza’ shopping malls, ViaDirect installs its wayfinding solution once again in Russia with 8 interactive directories in ‘Avenue SouthWest’.


This 4th Russian installation shows the ability of ViaDirect to implement itself within the international market, while preserving its expertise and the quality of its services.


The interactive software ViaDirect has been personalized to perfectly match the needs of ‘Avenue SouthWest’ mall:

  • Search stores by alphabetical order or category along the 5 floors
  • Restaurants
  • Good deals in real time
  • Services and practical information
  • Discovery of shopping mall
  • Cinema: films schedule


‘Avenue SouthWest’ has selected 8 « Gazelle » interactive kiosks designed by ViaDirect and manufactured by a local partner.


ViaDirect also provides expertize on the software maintenance quality. Hence, our field of competence covers the remote maintenance for software & hardware, the analysis and resolving of incidents, the secured data transfer and a close support to the customer.