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Majencia equip their headquartered with ViaDirect wayfinding solution dedicated to buildings
Majencia equips their headquartered with ViaDirect wayfinding solution dedicated to buildings
1 December 2015
Saint-Cloud , FRANCE
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Digitalization of the tertiary sector

Corporate offices are seekers for wayfinding solutions to digitize their offices and expand services to their employees.


Besides the development of the site and the brand, touch screen kiosks optimizes digital investments while developing productivity of display spaces. Also, they allow to understand better the user’s expectations by creating an experiential link between sites and visitors.


Majencia, french leader in office furniture and development of tertiary spaces, chooses to install a wayfinding solution in its lobby. Since this year, Majencia has become reseller of our solution by combining our offers with their products and services.



  • 3D and multi-floor display of the building map
  • Search by name of colleague, departments, meeting rooms and services.
  • Introducing Majencia: the company, location, products and references.
  • Safety information: evacuation plan, message “evacuation alert”, the closer defibrillator and safety instructions.
  • Display of external contents: transports and real-time travel times (bus, subways, trains, bikes, taxis, planes)
  • Traffic around 
  • Facilities and services around



Majencia selected the kiosk “Lémurien” designed and developed by ViaDirect. Latest touch screen technology of 46”, LED strips on the sides and the company logo on the front panel. This kiosk offers an elegant design that enhances the experience of users. 



The services used by Majencia also rely on the ViaDirect expertise regarding maintenance.


The VDBox, associated with VD Monitor software, allows to remotely control the electronic equipment and ensures the security of data exchanges, the supervision of installation and outsourcing. This device guarantees a support incident to H+2 and the resolution D+1 of most of incidents thanks to a geolocation supervised of the state of all equipment.