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‘Les Docks de Marseille’ mall opens its doors and welcome visitors with ViaDirect wayfinding multi-touch kiosks
‘Les Docks de Marseille’ mall opens its doors and welcome visitors with ViaDirect wayfinding multi-touch kiosks
1 October 2015
Marseille , FRANCE
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Carlipa has selected ViaDirect

The shopping center has just opened its doors and has chosen the ViaDirect wayfinding solution to guide visitors to and ensure its modernization


‘Les Docks de Marseille’ is an emblematic construction of the Marseille architecture and is located in the heart of ‘Euroméditerranée’, the largest business district in Southern Europe. The mall is also in front of the 'Terrasses du Port', a recently opened shopping center equipped with ViaDirect multi-touch directories.


The 'Carlipa' company, in charge of the digital devices in the mall, has selected the ViaDirect software to equip the 6 kiosks from the center, the map of the website and the mobile app. Carlipa has taken care of the furniture and equipment while ViaDirect has provided its wayfinding 3D software and its expertise in interactive maps in malls.


Kiosks are equipped with the interactive wayfinding and information solution of ViaDirect Mall:

  • Real time wayfinding in a 3D environment
  • Multi-touch map
  • Search among 50 stores by alphabet or category
  • Mall and its surroundings services
  • Parking and transport
  • Display of events in real time (Web Services from the mall’s website)
  • History of ‘Les Docks de Marseille’
  • Sending route via text messages


ViaDirect provides the 2D map of the shopping mall for website and mobile app of 'Les Docks de Marseille'. Internet and mobile users can search and view the location of stores in the mall.


The solution features a software integration, and high-level systems and networks, with a strong safety and availability.