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Il Cuore Adriatico
ITALY. On the Adriatic Coast, Il Cuore Adriatico mall uses ViaDirect wayfinding solution
11 April 2019
Civitanova Marche , ITALY
Il Cuore Adriatico

ViaDirect equips Il Cuore Adriatico shopping mall


Paris - Italy - April 11, 2019


ViaDirect has equipped the Italian Il Cuore Adriatico shopping mall of Civitanova Marche on the Adriatic Coast.


On its 5th birthday, Civitanova Marche’s Il Cuore Adriatico shopping mall has chosen to innovate by selecting the ViaDirect 3D wayfinding solution to guide its visitors.


For this purpose, one easily notable interactive kiosk allows customers to find and go directly to one of the 70 retail shops of the 27,000 m2 running on two levels and one outside building.    


This hardware and software installation is the 26th coordinated with our local partner PTA Group and the 3rd for real estate Cushman & Wakefield after Carrefour Limbiate and Genoa Fiumara.


Located in central Italy, in the Province of Macerata, Marche region, on the Italian East Coast, the city of Civitanova Marche counts more than 42,000 inhabitants. The city was founded around the 8th Century BC!


About ViaDirect

ViaDirect interactive 3D wayfinding software solutions advise and guide in an intuitive and modern way people visiting public and professional venues since 2009: Shopping malls, department stores, museums, hospitals, train stations and airports, amusement parks, universities, offices and headquarters, industrial and business centers…  

Leader in Europe, Russia, and Central America, ViaDirect has implemented his 3D wayfinding interactive kiosks and software on more than 400 areas in 35 countries in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Russia…

ViaDirect has 8 international offices.

Headquarter is located in Paris, France.

ViaDirect software suite...


The ViaDirect software suite of Il Cuore Adriatico includes…


  • A 3D map of the 27,000 m2, 2 levels and outside building
  • The alphabetical list of shops with additional search by name or category
  • Alphabetical listing and search for restaurants and services (dog area, restrooms, elevators, gas pumps, ATM…)
  • Itineraries towards parking lots and shuttles
  • User interface in Italian

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