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Fulton, a real estate group, has chosen ViaDirect to install an interactive kiosk to enhance its new corporate office VivaCity
Fulton, a real estate group, has chosen ViaDirect to install an interactive kiosk to enhance its new corporate office VivaCity
1 February 2016
Paris , FRANCE
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ViaDirect equips the VivaCity building

For the first time, ViaDirect realizes a 3D multi- floors and multi-buildings software to support Fulton’s lease managers in their tasks of selling new spaces of the new building.


Fulton is a French private group specialized on the valuation of business property. VivaCity building, located near Gare de Lyon in Paris, currently leases its workspaces, to accommodate various companies and collaborators.


A real sales “plus”, the interactive kiosk promotes the lobby, public spaces, auditoriums, restrooms as well as work spaces within the 7 floors.


To highlight the location and workspaces, ViaDirect brought out a real editorial dimension through the organization of the Vivacity’s interface:

  • Background of the application changing according to the time of the day (morning, evening…)
  • Building presentation with key information, videos
  • Neighborhood plan, map of shops, restaurants, headquarters, cultural spaces around the building
  • Available transports nearby, with the time you need to get there
  • Surfaces available of the offices per floor
  • 2D and 3D map
  • Space planning: presentation of the potential layout
  • Pictures of the landing, restrooms, offices
  • Key dates of the project, and photo of the construction site


Besides the modernization of sales techniques, Fulton decided to introduce some real time features of ViaDirect solution, in order to register the building into a real digital strategy:

  • Menu and waiting time estimated of the building’s restaurant
  • Availability and equipment’s level of the meeting rooms
  • Weekly schedule of the sport room



Fulton have chosen the kiosk Wally 32” from our exclusive ViaDirect catalog. It has bright yellow LED lines on the sides and a fitted waist, to offer a user comfort during oral presentations of salespersons.


The kiosk combines the furniture, the hardware and the software. Using the latest technology in the field of interactive digital installations, it respects the constraints of robustness required within the corporate offices.


The ViaDirect solution deployed within the VivaCity building, promotes the Fulton brand, while conveying a modern and innovative image of the building.