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The « Espace Anjou » shopping mall is equipped with the ViaDirect interactive wayfinding solution
The « Espace Anjou » shopping mall is equipped with the ViaDirect interactive wayfinding solution
1 December 2014
Angers , FRANCE
borne tactile dinformation et dorientation versailles 2 a espace anjou information and interactive wayfinding solution in espace anjou shopping mall multitouch kiosks in espace anjou interactive and digital kiosks for espace anjou

ViaDirect equips Espace Anjou center


The ViaDirect multitouch hardware and software offer has been set up in the “Espace Anjou” shopping mall in Angers. After installing “Allée des Hirondelles”, the “Mercialys” commercial ground rent has chosen a second time our information and digital wayfinding solution. The implantation in this shopping arcade following an extension and renovation project of the mall.




The installation is composed by 3 kiosks designated by our exclusive ViaDirect catalogue. The chosen kiosk is the evolution of the one installed at Palace of Versailles in 2013, equipped with a barcode reader for a loyalty program. 


Designated ethereal way, kiosks are self-supporting and fit perfectly in a shopping mall environment. They offer a very slim design with a strong optimization and rationalization of elements and respect robustness constraints required in public places:

  • HD LED 700 candelas 24/7/365 professional display
  • Latest generation multitouch technology
  • VD Box: intelligent management of electronic equipments
  • Ultra-slim and i7 3rd generation powerful player





The multitouch kiosks enjoy the ViaDirect interactive solution:

  • A 3D map which guides people in real time
  • A multi-touch map
  • Search stores by A to Z and theme
  • Mall services
  • News and promotions in Web services for updating
  • Loyalty Program (coming soon)
  • “The work if art” category (coming soon)
  • Registration to the newsletter with contact details
  • A “suggestions box”: collect users’ opinions to enhance the center's services
  • Parking and transport in real time (coming soon)
  • Animated user interface

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