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Econocom installs ViaDirect orientation terminal in its Digital Center
Econocom installs ViaDirect orientation terminal in its Digital Center
28 July 2017
Paris , FRANCE
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ViaDirect equips the Econocom Digital Center


Econocom, a European group specializing in digital transformation of companies and a reseller of the ViaDirect solution, is equipping its showroom in Puteaux with an interactive orientation. Located at the heart of the visitor's itinerary, the proposed ViaDirect system highlights the transformation made by digitizing public places and commercial buildings.



The installation at Econocom consists of a 32 "white Marina terminal from our exclusive ViaDirect catalog.


  • Professional Full HD LED display 450 candelas 24/7/365
  • Latest generation touch technology
  • VDBox: intelligent control of electronic equipment
  • Ultra-thin and powerful i5 6th generation player




To showcase Econocom and the showroom, ViaDirect has brought an ergonomic and functional application, connected to building data.

  • 3D multi-level and multi-building wayfinding solution
  • Search of Departments, meeting rooms and practical services of the building
  • Availability  and equipment of meeting rooms
  • Presentation of Econocom: company, location, key figures ...
  • Safety information: evacuation plan, evacuation and safety instructions, nearest defibrillator
  • Satisfaction survey 

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