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A French bank chooses ViaDirect’s wayfinding solution for its regional headquarters
The Crédit Agricole bank chooses ViaDirect’s wayfinding solution for its regional headquarters
1 June 2015
Nantes , FRANCE
Logiciel d'information et d'orientation pour les bureaux d'entreprises Interactive wayfinding software for offices Solution d'orientation ViaDirect Directories pour les entreprises Multitouch wayfinding kiosks for companies Information and interactive wayfinding totems Bornes tactiles d'orientation pour les entreprises The regional headquarters of a French bank ViaDirect wayfinding solution

VD Building installed in Crédit Agricole offices

The multitouch kiosks installation is a revolution in workspaces because they inform and guide co-workers and visitors. This is a strong tendency in the tertiary industry in 2015.


After installing Société Générale offices, an american consulting firm and the headquarters of Covéa, ViaDirect equips the regional headquarters of the Crédit Agricole bank with its innovate solution that meets the multiple needs of modern office buildings.


ViaDirect insures the safety through wayfinding to relevant services and equipment. The wayfinding totems include information systems to offer real time data linked with meeting rooms, transports, staff canteen menus etc.


The intuitive ViaDirect software allows the company to spread its internal communication, post contextual signage and enhance the "employer brand" by conveying a modern and innovative brand image of the company.




Crédit Agricole chooses a 40’’ “Gazelle” kiosk in our exclusive catalogue. Created by ViaDirect and exploiting the best technologies in digital display, the tactile kiosk offers a very slim and modern design and it respects robustness constraints required in public places.




The ViaDirect Building application is a dedicated version of ViaDirect’s software for offices’ needs. ViaDirect widely extended the functionalities of its wayfinding software in order to meet the specific needs of the office market.

  • 3D multi-level wayfinding in real time
  • Interactive multitouch map
  • Immediate access to toilet, relaxation areas and the defibrillator
  • Search offices, meeting rooms, workspaces, box by a virtual keyboard
  • Animated user interface