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The Bologna airport (Italy) chooses ViaDirect for its custom-made wayfinding solution: ViaDirect Transport
The Bologna airport (Italy) chooses ViaDirect for its custom-made wayfinding solution: ViaDirect Transport
1 October 2015
Bologna , ITALIY
Bornes interactives d'orientation Wayfinding software Bornes d'orientation dans l'aéroport de Bologne Logiciel d'orientation Indoor itinerary in airport Bornes tactiles d'orientation pour transports Interactive wayfinding totems itinéraire dans les aéroports Multitouch and interactive 3D map Plan 3D tactile et interactif Multi-touch wayfinding kiosks for transport Solution d'information et d'orientation Solution d'orientation ViaDirect aéroport Wayfinding directories in Bologna airport ViaDirect wayfinding solution for airport Wayfinding and information solution

ViaDirect in Italy

The Italian airport of Bologna is equipped with 5 multi-touch directories and the ViaDirect software solution to guide and inform the 6.5 million passengers per year, and as many visitors. After installing the Lyon airport and experimented its solution in the Paris Montparnasse train station, ViaDirect is again developing its ViaDirect Transport wayfinding software for the needs of the international airport.



The 5 kiosks installed are 40’’ “Gazelle” kiosks from our exclusive ViaDirect catalogue. They have a barcode reader to scan the passengers’ boarding pass to guide them to boarding gates and give them information about their flight.


The unique and inclined shape of the “Gazelle” capture the visitor’s attention without ever restrict the ease of use. Created by ViaDirect and exploiting the best technologies in multi-touch display and player, the kiosk offer a very slim and modern design and respects robustness constraints required in public places.



These devices have many features to inform and orientate to the boarding areas, but also regarding the travelers’ destinations, services and public transport:

  • Real time 3D wayfinding of users
  • Advertising displays in home screen
  • Search among 50 destinations : services, stores, restaurants, check-in and boarding gates
  • Search destinations or flights by a virtual keyboard
  • Sending electronic postcards with an image and customized message
  • Flights schedule and information
  • Scan of boarding pass or input the flight number: personalized information (destinations, itinerary to boarding gates…)
  • Satisfaction survey connected in Web Services to the airport information system
  • Zooming to locate check-in and departure/arrival areas
  • Parking and transport
  • Display of weather forecast
  • Accessibility for disabled people : personalized assistance and alternative itineraries to get round stairs and escalators
  • Compatibility with the airport facility standards of data
  • Interface available in English and Italian



For more than 5 years, the ViaDirect IT team developed many tools to improve the availability of digital installations in public places. The combination of skills, an exclusive material called VDBOX and a software platform confirms the expertise of the ViaDirect maintenance services.


Systematically installed in our digital devices, the VDBOX is an electronic panel with remote & smart control. When it is connected with the ViaDirect supervision platform, it reduces the number of incidents requiring on-site intervention and resolution timeline.


The VDBOX overcomes the disadvantages of the all-in-one: make accessible remote maintenance tools in case of a failure to maintain an important service commitment.


Our fields of intervention covers the outsourcing of hardware and software installations, the analysis and resolution of incidents, the secure data exchange, as well as the client's support.


Based in Paris, the ViaDirect IT team pilots dozens of partners in France and Europe to work on the clients’ sites. This organization with our partners allows us to offer an incidents’ support at H+2 and a resolution timeline at D+1 in most incidents.